President Tropical Rider, Inc

Coral Gwyn-Williams

Welcome to Tropical Rider, a company by riders FOR riders!

Tropical Rider is launching a newly energized look and feel to our equestrian apparel that compliments the standards of excellence our customers have come to depend on these past 20+ years in the business.

We remain committed to the principles that built the TR reputation for performance enhancing pull-on breeches that allows for our changing bodies, changing attitudes, and changing needs. We maintain our anchor designs but look forward to incorporating fresh new outlooks, innovative ideas, and suggestions from our loyal customer base.

Those of us who ride describe many reasons for the hours we spend in the company of our gallant, four-legged companions: the emotional connection, the excitement and calm, the companionship, the discipline and pleasure, the strength and beauty and the culture and heritage of the equestrian. Mostly…we love it because IT’S FUN!

We have tried to incorporate all these elements into our carefree, comfortable and easy-care designs while offering you the greatest variety in leather options for seats and patches. Our fabrics are hi-tech, moisture wicking, four-way stretch fabrics and we work with the finest fabric mills to select and develop fabrics that work hard for our athletes.


We are here to answer any questions, listen to any concerns and customize any of our designs to make you more comfortable in the saddle.